Multi Dimensional PsyTrance

D-THER is the PsyTrance project of Belgian’s renown and esteemed producer Diether Verheyen. Signed with Grasshopper Records (Japan) and Maharetta records (UK)  he has been gaining a lot of attention due to his fast-growing production level and twisted psychedelic sounds. 

He has collaborated with many heavyweight producers from the scene such as: Spectra Sonics, Cylon, K.i.M., Virtual Light, Plasmotek, Helber Gun, Scorb, … and has shared stages with Tristan, Avalon, KillerWatts, Rinkadink, Outsiders,… just to name a few!

Crafting cutting edge PsyTrance sounds and having released his debut album he’s now traveling across the globe to share his fresh vision on PsyTrance on the dancefloor!