"Ignite" album release (november 2017)

'Ignite' is the 9 track, debut album from Belgian's renown and esteemed producer D-ther. Featuring a collection of solo and collaborative tunes, alongside respected artists: K.i.M, Cylon, Helber Gun and Continuem. With the album closing with a remix to the legendary track “Rebirth” from unique producer Plasmotek.

When pronounced in the French language, D-ther means “to be determined” and that has been both the objective and approach taken, when crafting the album.

The end result projects a powerful release that is sure to send worldwide dancefloors ablaze, and engulf the listener's audio spectrum into a full power and mature psychedelic trance experience. With many great releases to emerge from the ashes.

www.d-ther.com www.grasshopper-records.com

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